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First time users should follow the steps below to complete set-up:

*** If you previously installed scanner drivers, installed the WebScan Service and modified your browser settings, please proceed to Web Client Login.

  1. Review the Scanner Driver Install & Upgrade Instructions.
  2. Download and Execute the Scanner Installation Assistant to complete scanner driver installation.
  3. Web Client Users:
    1. Review and follow Web Client WebScan Service Documentation to complete WebScan installation.
    2. Review the Web Client Internet Explorer Settings
      and Configure your IE settings if required.
  4. Smart Client Users:
    1. Review the Smart Client 16.0 System Requirements.
    2. Download and Execute the C++ & .NET 4.5 installer.
    3. Download and Execute the C++ 2008 SP1 installer.
    4. Download the Smart Client Application.
Web Client Login